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Smith Paul

General manager at Q&A


01:07 Redmine Products plugin demo RedmineUP
Software development Moscow, 107014, Russia
20:18 Redmine CRM plugin demo Note for: Integrate contacts plugin with 1C enterprise
Just discussed blueprints


07:55 Redmine CRM plugin demo Note for: Develop redmine plugin for sales department
{{contact(3)}} In international football, Beckham made his England debut on 1 September 1996, at the age of 21. He wa...


05:47 Redmine CRM plugin demo Note for: Bubchen, Helga
New features for pluings
03:00 Redmine Invoices plugin demo Invoice created #INV/20111216-27 (Canceled): AUD 949.9
INV/20111216-27 "Sunflower" Ltd. AUD 949.9


11:28 Redmine Agile plugin demo 5:00 hours (User story #588 (Resolved): Backlog and sprint planning )
Javascript library
11:28 Redmine Helpdesk plugin demo 3:00 hours (Support #574 (In Progress): Questions about commercial support)
Commercial propose
04:37 Redmine CRM plugin demo Note for: Microsoft
With Friday's release of the touch-centric Windows 8 software, Microsoft continues more than three decades of making ...


19:04 Redmine CRM plugin demo Note for: Beckham, David
Its API is extremely easy to use. Both .NET experts and beginners can quickly start working with it. Use as-is or ext...
13:50 Redmine Agile plugin demo Task #600 (In Progress): Javascript method for Ajax POST request
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