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Cumulative flow chart

Tags: ui, charts

  • Put your thoughts on paper.
  • Start sketching a top-level framework.
  • Development
  • Add a grid to your working file.
  • Choose your typography.
  • Select a color theme.
  • Divide the layout.
  • Design
  • Rethink the established.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Pay attention to details.
  • Treat every component as if it could be presented in a design contest.
  • Sharpen your work.
  • Tidy up your files.
  • Design the best case scenario but prepare for the worst.
  • Obsess over the design until you hate it.
  • Avoid spending too much time on a concept before sharing it with a client.
  • Marketing
  • Be your developer’s best friend.
  • Explain presentations like you are speaking to a four year old.
  • Love each of your ideas but don’t get too attached to them.
  • Track down your design during the development process.
  • Show your work in progress.

Sortable board cards

Tags: frontend, agile

Stone Elizabeth

Order should be stored for each swimlane or board

Backlog and sprint planning

Tags: agile, frontend

Smith Paul

Slack/Trello have has this for years! Would love to see it in Redmine